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Regulation & Underwriting Expertise

Understanding Regulation 

Regulation is an ever-increasing feature of modern business and the insurance industry is certainly no exception. Virginia Surety Company Inc (VSC) is an Australian Prudential Regulation Authority (APRA) regulated entity and a holder of an Australian Financial Services Licence (AFSL). As an Insurer we have special responsibilities to ensure we have dedicated risk management arrangements in place and that our services are provided to you efficiently, honestly and fairly. Our team are committed to effective risk management so that risk is adequately understood, and informed decisions are made on a day to day basis.

Virginia Surety Company offer a range of insured and non-insured solutions of which we are able to discuss all available structures and their respective merits with authority.

Our expertise ensures that our clients are able to make informed decisions at the outset, in an area where they often have little in-house knowledge. With regulations changing regularly, businesses have no guarantee that existing programs remain compliant and are often unaware of impending changes that could impact their programs.

Underwriting Expertise

Virginia Surety Company’s underwriting teams have access to data sourced from millions of policies and warranties across a wide range of products. This enables underwriters not only to price accurately for prospective schemes, but also to guide and advise our clients on anticipated fail/claim rates, geographical and demographical variations and the likely impact of these on their businesses.

We are also able to provide tailored scheme reporting and analysis, and provide regular expert commentary and guidance to our clients on all issues regarding risk and pricing, as well as undertaking bespoke risk analysis projects. 
Detecting and understanding statistical trends and data is critical to our success as an insurer, however it also ensures that our rates are competitive whilst enabling our partners to better understand their business.

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